Pennvael Amber 4.0%
 Amber coloured ale with a distinctive hoppy aftertaste from the use of Pilgrim hops. “Seasonal” ale but brewed fairly often.
Pennvael is the ancient Pictish or Welsh version of “Kinneil”, The village adjacent to Kinneil House (to the west of our brewery), one of the seats of the Dukes of Hamilton. Seems that sometime in the seventeenth century, the then duke decided a park would be preferable to a village so close to his house. He evicted the villagers and demolished the village. Until that time,the villagers were brewers and maltsters, which is why we used the name “Kinneil”.

Caer Edin Dark Ale. 4.2%.
 A very dark porter style ale with a chink of red. Hints of smoke, chocolate, liquorice, molasses.
Caer Edin, like “Pennvael” is from the ancient Pictish or Welsh language. The modern day version is found in Carriden, at the east end of modern Bo'ness. Several native Welsh speakers have given us the meaning as “fort on the hill”, and call Edinburgh “Caer Edin.” Present day Carriden certainly has the hill. Wonder what happened to the fort?

Kincardine Sunset 4.1%
 named for sunsets visible over the River Forth. Slightly citrus flavour, due to the use of Styrian Goldings hops. Light amber in colour. Regularly brewed.
The story behind the name “ Kincardine Sunset” is probably fairly obvious to anyone who has lived in Bo'ness. Sunsets over towards Kincardine have always been pretty spectacular, and now commemorated in the beer's name. Sometimes the finished beer suggests the name. In this case the colour suggested sunsets, and the picture was duly taken from outside the brewer's house.

Wonderfu' Jake 3.6%
Our up to date interpretation of an old Scottish 60/- Ale. It's a smooth drinking dark ale, retaining plenty of flavour and body belying its lower gravity. Regularly brewed.
“Wonderfu' Jake” ….. John Sneddon, the man who “fell up the pit” was working at the pit heid when he fell down the shaft. Luckily, the cage was coming up as he began his unplanned descent. He landed on top of the cage and lived to tell the tale. In the great Bo'ness nickname tradition, John became known ever after as “Wonderfu' Jake.”
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