Katie Wearie's and Corbieha' Pale Ales 3.8%
   Actually the same beer renamed due to local “sensitivities” – A pale, refreshing beer using German Hallertauer Mittelfruh hops for a great, lasting hop taste. Regularly brewed.
Katie was a 19th Century cattle drover who rested under a tree in Linlithgow. To this day, the tree is known as Katie Wearie's tree, and a small memorial has been erected to her memory.
When the beer went on sale at the Corbie Inn, it was renamed “Corbieha' Pale Ale ” Same beer, different town! “Corbie” was the old Scots name for the crow. Hence Corbieha' and, of course the Corbie Inn.

Wayfinder Pale Ale 3.8%
    Same malt profile as Katie Wearie's but using Czech Saaz hops to create an entirely different but equally refreshing beer.
Slightly sweet citrus hints pink grapefruit?
Regularly brewed.
With the help of Scottish Natural Heritage, we named this beer for the Wayfinder posts on the John Muir Way, which passes our back door. Due to trade-mark laws, we can't use the words “John Muir” in any of our displays or advertising. But most people now know the bearded man logo!

Yill 3.8%
    Using both top and bottom fermenting yeasts as well as single variety Columbus hops from USA. Fruity flavours, citrus with perhaps a hint of pine in the aroma.
Yill is the Scots word for ale.
 Also from the Urban Dictionary : “Yill” comes from the word “chill”, and is the coolest of all chills. When the coolest of all your homies chill together and ingage in activities such as, smoke, drink, play video games, pull missions, and fool with tha girls.”
Think we'll stick with “ale”!
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