Bo'ness has an ancient tradition of brewing dating back to the brew hoose in the ancient Kinneil village.

The last brewery in Bo'ness closed in 1813, so we consider ourselves to be reviving a tradition.

All our beers use fresh traditional ingredients: Water, Malted Barley Hops and Yeast.

A traditional brewery......

Since we started brewing in 2011, we've been brewing beer in small batches. Although we are still very much a local brewery, our beer has found its way to all sorts of places. For example our beer has been to Germany, USA, Australia, Wales, England and China, taken there by our customers.

Our regular brew length is 368 litres or 2.25 brewer's barrels. Not a big brewery! All our beer is casked, in 9 gallon or 4.5 gallon casks. After conditioning in the brewery, it is either delivered to the customer, or bottled. All our bottled beer is hand filled from the cask in the brewery.

Our bottled beer isn't filtered or carbonated in any way. It's exactly the same product as the cask ales.

Kinneil Brew Hoose

Traditional Brewing

Since 2011