Our Beer

These are our regular beers. Some of them are brewed more often than others, largely dependent on demand. All high quality hand brewed beers made with the finest ingredients. (bet all the other brewers say that too!).
In addition we regularly brew one-off beers. (Check Facebook page for details ).

 Rough guide to beer colours in the pint glasses below.

The coloured dots represent the colours of the bottle caps.
For more information on each beer , click the relevant bottle top.

Kinneil Brew Hoose

Traditional Brewing

Since 2011

Katie Wearie's Lithca' Pale Ale 3.8% Corbieha' Pale Ale
Yill Pale Ale
Pennvael Amber Amber Ale 4.0% Kincardine Sunset Light Amber 4.1% Wonderfu' Jake 60 shilling
Caer Edin Dark Ale
Wayfinder Pale Ale
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First order for the brewery was for a Burns Supper in London. We've also sent beer to the House of Commons.

We had a lot of fun with our "Aye/Naw/ Mebbes Aye, Mebbes Naw" Beers during the Independence Referendum in 2014.

 Also sent cases of beer to the USA courtesy of Falkirk Council to help in the Scottish week celebrations.